2014 Mini Rex Nationals

Ok friends… Images are up in the gallery from the 2014 Mini Rex Nationals! Please be patient with me as this is a new proofing gallery/website. It took me a few extra days to work out the kinks, but it allows you to either purchase prints or digital downloads. There is a set price for the backdrop photos, and I have made the candids available for print or download as well. Please remember these images are for your own personal use only and may not be reproduced, sold, or used in any commercial way at all without permission. Please give photo credit when possible to crossbphoto.com. I hope you enjoy them and that they were worth the wait  Please email me at allison@crossbphoto.com with any questions.

Click here for the link: http://crossbphoto.shootproof.com/
*** Password is “minirex” ***

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