Dr. Lisa {equine}

Well, this shoot has been a long time coming…  last fall Dr. Lisa contacted me after seeing another session I did for a mutual friend, and wanted to set up a session.  Things got busy for both of us, and we never got around to finding a date.  My sister Hayden is a patient of Dr. Lisa who is an OB/GYN in Fort Worth, and she delivered my precious baby niece London.  She and Hayden were talking one day, and figured out the connection, so I actually got to meet her when London was born!  She called last week and was in a bind needing a photo for her 2 page spread in Fort Worth Magazine, so with the help of several people we pulled if off (clients who graciously gave up their slot, Tony & Elizabeth who helped me get Cookie ready, Gina who helped “get ears” the entire session, etc). 

So, as you can see, the theme of this “styled shoot” is Breast Cancer Awareness.  Being an OB/GYN, this is a subject close to Dr. Lisa’s heart.  She is the most kind, compassionate person who truly loves her job, the women she cares for and the babies she brings into this world.  She always loved the Gypsy Tails shoot I did last year, so we pulled those out and painted a big pink ribbon on Cookie Monster’s hips.  Here are some of my favorites from this fun session.  Thanks for the opportunity Dr. Lisa, sessions like this keep my passion for my work alive and well 🙂  Here’s the link to her fun slide show to music!












Posted February 25, 2012 (06:30) in Equine, Lifestyle Sessions ~ Portraits