Gypsy Tails {equine}, Texas Equine Photographer

I recently went to Whitesboro to shoot a session for Amber and her crew at Gypsy Tails.  This is one of the hottest new trends in the performance and rodeo horse industry.  They are taking horse hair and dying it over 40 different colors and several patterns to create an easy way to attach a little color and bling in your horses manes and tails.  So much fun!  They can hardly keep up with orders right now, and have several ambassadors for the product, including the Cowgirl Chicks drill team.  Amber was needing  some images for the new website and advertising, so after shooting all the different colors/styles we got some beautiful images of her and Jaf, her longtime sweetheart who was totally supporting 100% anything she wanted to do.  And her sweet niece Madeline was a great model for us, too. 

But there is a bittersweet ending to this story…. I found out from Amber that earlier this week the beautiful palomino stud we used as our model unexpectedly passed away.  What an incredible animal he was, and was so good for the shoot.  Just goes to remind us that we should treasure every minute with our loved ones, friends and those important to us because we never know when it will be our time.   God is in control. 

This was such a fun session, thank you Amber and crew!  You have to see the slide show to music- click here!  Until the Gypsy Tails website is up and running email Amber at or find them on Facebook 🙂












Posted July 1, 2011 (14:02) in Couples, Equine