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Hayden, Horses & Water! {equine} :: Texas Equine Photographer

Well, I’m behind on blogging, and thought I would start by posting this personal session.  This is my beautiful sister Hayden- I’m the oldest of three.  Our baby sister Lauren, who is just as beautiful, is the brains of the bunch- she made it all the way through vet school!  Anyway, one thing we all have in common is our love for horses.  We got some great rain the first of the year and I had always wanted to get some shots of someone running horses through water in our bottom coastal.  What better models than my sister and my favorite horse EVER- Sprat!  He’s one of our stallions we raised and stand here at the ranch.  Then she got on Leo, a son of Sprat, we raised.  So excited to finally share these with you!!!

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Snow Queens {equine}

All this extra snow time at the house has allowed me time to dig up images on old hard drives that have not yet been processed….  These are of our broodmares from last winter!