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Melissa & Richard {engagement} Stephenville Engagement Photographer

Before this session ever happened, it was planned by the visions of this fun couple Melissa & Richard.  Richard worked as a vet tech at the clinic with my sister Lauren in Bandera before she moved back here.  He’s a cattleman, and she’s a horsewoman.  One loves Chevys the other loves Fords.  Apparently opposites do attract!  As we were rushing around trying to get all the images done they had envisioned, of course we got some unexpected shots that turned out really cool, too.  These are some of my favorites, but you have to check out their slide show to music here!


Tonya & Eric {engagement} Stephenville Engagement Photographer

Tonya & Eric met me here at the ranch for their engagement session last week.  They were so much fun to work with- love their horses & are big Rangers fans!  Here are a few of my favorites, and then you can click here to see their session slide show to music!



Colton {senior} & Holly- Dublin HS Senior Photographer

You might remember the two sessions I posted earlier this spring of Audrey and Tucker- well, Colton is yet another senior that we have come to know and love over the last few years of hauling heifers to the major Jr Heifer shows.  And just like the kids, we have become great friends with their family, too.  Colton has from day one been Carson’s main mentor and idol.  Even though there may not have been tons of verbal one on one coaching, he learned so much from Colton just by watching his every move.  From hauling, to setup at shows, to showmanship, this young man is very serious about his cattle and treats them almost better than a signifcant other.  And speaking of, Holly was around for the session, so of course we got some cute shots of them together.  Since there is a promise ring on her finger, I would imagine this is only the beginning for this young couple.  While editing, all I could do was smile at all the funny pics of the two of them, they definitely bring out the best in each other.  Thank you Colton for being such an incredible role model for Carson, and Holly for taking Henley under your wing at all the shows so she would have a buddy.  Love you both and the rest of the family!  Here are a few of my favorites, but you must click here to see the rest of the slide show to music- too many fun shots to miss!!!

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Tawnni & Mikey

I had the privilege of capturing the love of this young couple last week.  But this was not your ordinary couple… Mikey is one of our brave US Marines who is home for a visit before he deploys back to Afghanistan in a few weeks. Tawnni was determined to have updated photos of them before he leaves.  We had a great session at the ranch that ended up with him wearing his camouflage as we floated around Morgan Mill.  What an honor to treat this couple to a fun session of memories that will last them a lifetime.  Thank you both for your sacrifices!  To view the slide show of images to music, click here!
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Ashlyn & Mike {married} Stephenville Engagement/Bridal Photographer

Ashlyn and her sweet family have been dear friends for many yeras now.  As you know, I DO NOT DO WEDDINGS, but I was somehow convinced to show up on their beautiful day with a camera 🙂  I wanted to share with you the gorgeous images taken before sunset AFTER their cremony- pure love, happiness, and excitement for the future cannot be staged… this is reall stuff, folks.  My your marriage be blessed with happiness and longevity- love you all!











Gypsy Tails {equine}, Texas Equine Photographer

I recently went to Whitesboro to shoot a session for Amber and her crew at Gypsy Tails.  This is one of the hottest new trends in the performance and rodeo horse industry.  They are taking horse hair and dying it over 40 different colors and several patterns to create an easy way to attach a little color and bling in your horses manes and tails.  So much fun!  They can hardly keep up with orders right now, and have several ambassadors for the product, including the Cowgirl Chicks drill team.  Amber was needing  some images for the new website and advertising, so after shooting all the different colors/styles we got some beautiful images of her and Jaf, her longtime sweetheart who was totally supporting 100% anything she wanted to do.  And her sweet niece Madeline was a great model for us, too. 

But there is a bittersweet ending to this story…. I found out from Amber that earlier this week the beautiful palomino stud we used as our model unexpectedly passed away.  What an incredible animal he was, and was so good for the shoot.  Just goes to remind us that we should treasure every minute with our loved ones, friends and those important to us because we never know when it will be our time.   God is in control. 

This was such a fun session, thank you Amber and crew!  You have to see the slide show to music- click here!  Until the Gypsy Tails website is up and running email Amber at or find them on Facebook 🙂












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