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Reece {senior} Santo HS Senior Photographer

Reece is a graduate of our little Moragn Mill middle school who is now finishing up high school at Santo.  He is very active in shooting sports and loves to hunt and fish.  He also wanted some pics with his truck, a project they painted and fixed up.  Carson thought it was pretty cool- it wouldn’t surprise me if we have one of these older model pickups in our driveway soon for him to work on 🙂  Here are a few of my favorites- click here to see the whole session on slide show to music!

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Tawnni & Mikey

I had the privilege of capturing the love of this young couple last week.  But this was not your ordinary couple… Mikey is one of our brave US Marines who is home for a visit before he deploys back to Afghanistan in a few weeks. Tawnni was determined to have updated photos of them before he leaves.  We had a great session at the ranch that ended up with him wearing his camouflage as we floated around Morgan Mill.  What an honor to treat this couple to a fun session of memories that will last them a lifetime.  Thank you both for your sacrifices!  To view the slide show of images to music, click here!
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Mackenzie, Pita & Karma {equine}

A few weeks ago I took some photos of Mackenzie with her good rodeo mare and her filly.  You will remember Mackenzie from her senior pics I shot last spring with her other horses.  To see the rest of the images from this little celebration session click here!






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New year, new look!

I have been ready for a fresh look for a little while, just needed a little inspiration and encouragement.  I found that last November when I attended For the Love Workshop (for the second time, and yes, it’s THAT good).  One of the sponsors was Green Tent Design and Marketing, and they sent JD (Jim) McCulley to represent.  Of course he was one the many wonderful people I have encountered at these incredible workshops.  JD is an incredible designer and photographer, and I’m so blessed to have worked with him.  During the design process, they interview you to really get in touch with your personality, style, and needs to help you “brand” your business for marketing.  Through this process, I explained that I didn’t want to stray too much from the look I have, just freshen it up, and include something that is dear to me.  Over the years, I have come to love the scissortail bird that is a native to this area.  Me and the kids, especially Henley, really love watching for them and admiring God’s beauty in the graceful birds.  The tail parts in the middle to varying degrees while in flight, and creates the “scissor.”  They are a tan/grey color with a beautiful peachy/orange breast. 


Anyway, I really struggled with using a bird because they are so popular right now in the photography industry in logos….  but JD really encouraged me to go with it because it is so personal, and I have a true love for them through frequent encounters here at the ranch.  Who cares what anyone else is doing, right???  Here’s my scissortail on the barbed wire, and the circles represent the lens of a camera….


So, here it is…  the original Green Tent design on the left, and my color changes on the right.  I’ll still use both, just probably the brown one more with my equine/livestock marketing, and the fun green one for my lifestyle portraiture to really catch the eye of one of my favorite subjects- high school seniors!  Watch for some fun t-shirts with the logo this spring 🙂  Thanks so much JD- I highly recommend him and the team at Green Tent!!!!

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Fightin’ 7 Ranches {equine}

 I have been shooting sale horses and designing ads for over a year now for Fightin’ 7 Ranches of Stephenville, Texas.  They focus on having a great selection of quality team roping horses for different skill levels.  Most of these horses are pretty, colored geldings that anyone would be proud to ride.





Head trainer Jeff Kanady and his son……









Boss-man Kyle and Tyler Magnus…..





Here is a recent ad for Super Loooper Magazine….


For The Love- Again!

I’ll be gone all week with wonderful people to worship, fellowship and learn at For the Love Workshop.  Watch this incredible promo video for a glimpse 🙂


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